Proffie 3.9 Soundboard with 16gb SD Card

    Proffie 3.9 Soundboard with 16gb SD Card


      Fully open source this feature packed board includes smooth swing which provides the most realistic sound effects we have seen in a sound board. The v3.9 ProffieBoard is the latest update in the Proffieboard saga and features a more powerful STM32 microprocessor combined with a motion coprocessor IMU, 3W audio amplifier, and 6 MOSFETs to control external LEDs. It features USB charging, support for deep sleep, additional flash memory (512kb), and much more. 

      New in V3.9:

      • More FLASH (512kB instead of 256kB): This means more presets, but it also means we can now turn on optimization without running of of memory
      • More RAM (160kB instead of 64kB): No immediate effect, but makes mp3 and echo effects possible
      • More PINS: New CPU is BGA with 64 pins instead of 48. This means more data pins, and and other things, listed below
      • Faster SD card access. The new board uses SDIO instead of SPI to access the SD card. SDIO is significantly faster than SPI. In initial testing I got 20 parallel streams. This means less problems with SD card and more CPU for doing other things.
      • USB charging: The V3 board has onboard charging configured for 450mA charge speed.
      • An onboard status LED helps show what the board is doing and when something goes wrong.
      • Three new “free” pads. These can either be used to drive 20mA LEDs directly, or as neopixel data pads, button pads or servos. The SWDIO, SWDCLK and RESET pads have been moved to the bottom of the board to make room for these new pads.
      • DM/DP/VBUS pads for external USB
      • spot for additional large capacitor if needed (helps when driving BT modules)
      • Two CPU pins are already tied together for Data1, making blade ID work without additional components
      • Power and AUX buttons are wakeup capable, unlocking the possibility of a deep sleep mode
      • Several other pins have been tied together as well, giving each pin more functions. This unlocks additional serial/SPI/I2S/I2C ports and analog pins. There are a LOT new possibilities for interfacing with other boards.

      All of this in exactly the same size as a Proffieboard V2.


      • 80Mhz ARM processor
      • 160kb RAM
      • 512kb Flash
      • 3 button pads (capacitive touch capable)
      • 4 neopixel data pads
      • 3 use-for-anything pads
      • 3 serial ports
      • 3 i2c ports
      • 2 SPI ports
      • 6 FETs
      • 6-axis motion chip
      • 3-watt amplifier (mono)
      • S/PDIF or I2S output
      • 450mA USB charging
      • SDIO sd card reader
      • onboard status LED
      • center-board pads for: USB, SWDIO and additional 3.3v capacitor